Weekend in Montreal

Montreal, cool Montreal, it’s where we spent Labor Day weekend.  I just love how this city just mixes so many elements together and come out with its unique city vibe.  You can see it in the way the city residents go back and forth between English and French, the modern design pretty ubiquitous downtown juxtaposed against old Montreal, the foodie scene  that’s vibrant and diverse.  If it weren’t so cold in the winter, Montreal definitely would have been a serious contender as a city to live in during my 20s.  But that was another lifetime…

So, I thought I’d share some of places and restaurants we visited and loved.


  • Old Montreal – It’s fun to visit this lively section of town with its lively markets and restaurants.  Must-sees are the city hall as well as Chateau Ramezay, a UNESCO-classified former governor residence, and the garden behind the residence.




  • Boutique de Metiers d’art du Quebec 20, rue Saint Paul Ouest – Great store for souvenirs as well as crafts made by local artisans.  Ines ended up getting a cute stuffed animal from here.
  • Lunch a Porter 355, rue Saint Paul Ouest – A great shop that’s all about lunch, from bento boxes and thermoses to lunch bags.  The design of most products are strongly influenced by modern Japanese design.  Lucky for us, they also have an online shop that sells most of the items from the store.
  • Le Cartet 106, rue McGill – A great brunch place with a grocery store in the front that sells delicious pastries and local delicacies like foie gras with maple syrup.


  • Brasserie T 142, rue Jeanne Mance – A moderately priced restaurant with a French menu that’s situated by the Contemporary Art Museum.  It prides itself in using fresh Quebecois ingredients.  Try the escargots, osso buck and sea bream on the menu.


  • Jean Drapeau Park – Situated on Ile St-Helene, the park is a wonderful urban oasis that hosted the 1967 World Expo.  Remnants of the expo, such as a giant sculpture by Alexander Calder and the Montreal Biosphere, are part of the park’s allure.  Take the ferry back if you’re heading back to old Montreal — it’s  a great way to appreciate Montreal’s waterfront and skyline.




  • Jardin Nelson 407, place Jacques-Cartier – Appropriately named, the restaurant looks like a floral garden from the outside.  This immense restaurant that seats about 400 has good food and live music on Sunday mornings.   The food is delicious — I had the fresh salmon salad with rice vermicelli, an ideal summer dish with its light flavor.
  • Deville Dinerbar 1425 Stanley – This place is a must for anyone who loves to eat and indulge bit.  Everything we tried from this place was delicious with portions more than enough for two to three people to share.  Try the Korean tacos, poutine (Montreal specialty), the burgers, shakes, beignet and pain perdu.  Make sure you wear loose clothing as you’ll probably gain a pound or two after a meal here.

Hope this post helpful.  Montreal, I hope to see you someday soon…



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