Week 7/52

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life in general in 2016

The main focus of this past week was the twin cousins’ birthday. Turning one is a pretty big milestone, considering the leaps and bounds these little princesses have made in interacting with the world around them. Both are now showing distinct personalities with their own quirks and all. As a parent, it’s very comforting for me to see how my girls care about their cousins — really wanting to be present in their lives and endlessly curious about progress they’ve made.

Apart from the birthday celebration, Ines was busy working on her Science Fair project with friends. I am pretty impressed with how much these there girls accomplished with minimal help from their parents. They found and explored the project topic as well as typed most of their presentation and decorated the board by themselves. How’s that for independence…not bad for three third-graders.

Hope you had a great weekend!





guitar.2 C played one her early guitar pieces at bday party


sciencefair Science Fair action


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