Week 52/52

Life lately in 2016

The last week of 2016 is here!  What a crazy year it has been with all the ups and downs in our everyday lives.  As many variables and unknowns face us in 2017, I know one thing we’ll always have is the love of family and friends.   I plan to hold  on to those whom I cherish a little bit more in the new year and minimize any negative presence in my life.   Life is just too short to bother with the trivial and unnecessary. The death of loved ones in the last few years along with those of singers and artists who were such a part of my childhood are simple reminders how fleeting our time on Earth is.

I am not sure yet what I want to do with the blog in the next year.  A part of me wants to stop blogging with my girls getting older and the pull for them to live their own lives become stronger.  Another possibility is that I continue writing in this space but focusing more on my own personal narrative (and less of theirs), knowing how much writing fulfills my soul.  It’s doable but challenging given how much of my self-definition revolves around motherhood.  Yet another option is to just focus on Instagram and let my photos there do the talking.   An easier option but a bit limited as a communication outlet.    What to do, what to do?

I want to share some photos from our Christmas in France at my in-laws this year.  We have not spent Christmas here for five years so our visit was definitely long overdue.  The girls have little cousins here now too so there is a stronger need to come to France for all of them to start building some memories and bond even just for a few days.

Have a great week!!!

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