Week 51/52

Life lately in 2016

Wrapping up the year and getting our holiday groove on were the main focus of this past weekend. It was festive and heartwarming to be able to celebrate a great meal on Friday night with the girls’ French class, followed by a Saturday night piano recital and holiday meals with friends and family on Sunday. Sounds a bit jam-packed but only because we’re trying to see everyone before we leave for France.

I’m excited for the holidays. I’m hoping to unwind, unplug and take a few moments of reflection as we gear up for 2017. The beginning of the new year is always full of promise and I want to spend the next two weeks gathering my inner strength to prep for what lies ahead. But there’s a also a part of me that’s a bit melancholic as we say goodbye to another year, shedding part of ourselves as we get ready to move forward.

What are your holiday plans this year?

Look of exasperation as these girls won’t stop talking sometimes

Happy girls in the rain, waiting for Santa to come by

Talent show, brotherly love and competition

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