Week 50/52

Life Lately in 2016

So I caught this stubborn cold and coughing bug that I’ve been fighting off this past week and it culminated into a full-blown laryngitis, hence reducing my ability to communicate dramatically this past weekend.  It has not been fun, especially now during the holidays when I’m desperately trying to get things off my to-do list.  A few nights this past week turned into 9pm bedtimes for me as I wrapped up the day feeling completely wiped-out and lethargic.  As someone who’s used to caring for everyone else in the house, I found myself in an odd place of being the patient and not the nurse this time around.

The good news is that I am beginning to feel better.  My voice is still a little raspy and I’m still coughing but I’m not as lethargic or weak as before.  I just can’t believe there’s only two weeks left before Christmas.  There’s much to be done but I’m looking forward to the school break, spending time with family and just changing the pace a bit.  What are your plans for the holidays?

Here are some photos from this past week…

Waiting for her sister’s school Christmas concert to start

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