Life Lately in 2016

I don’t remember an election where so many family members and friends voted differently. A divisive campaign it was, with an America that has come undone.  It’s a major blow for people like me who lean Democratic and cannot look past the hateful speech spewed during the Presidential election.  Like everyone else, I’m asking, “what now?”

Well, life still has to go on. We need to go about our daily business and celebrate life’s milestones. Going to a wedding outside Los Angeles this weekend sure helped as I was able to reset and focus on the simple pleasures and rituals in life.

But I am not going to lie about the road ahead, which will be bumpy and often not easy.  And while I yearn to  shut everything off, I know I cannot be completely still.   I will try to stay positive and keep an open mind about the changes ahead but I must also stay informed with all the cabinet appointments and potential policy changes and take action when necessary.

Chin up everyone!  There’s much work to be done…

untitled-35-of-119 Laguna Beach 


untitled-24-of-119 Smallest Cathedral in world



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