Week 45/52

Life lately in 2016

Don’t let these pictures lie. They may seem like images of a happy family of four going on about its daily lives but behind the smiles are a lot of angst and heated discussions as we, in the US, approach a very important presidential election. We try to stay rational and explain the political process and different issues to our daughters, hoping that they’ll glean something positive from this whole experience. One thing they understand is that America is hurting and we need to heal together to move forward.

I don’t want to add anymore to the ubiquitous heated political discussions these days. But I do beg you, if you can, to go vote on Tuesday and think of the world you’ll want your children, especially your daughters, to live in.

untitled-1-of-17 Bat mitzvah fun


untitled-1-of-19 She inherits her sister’s goody bag


untitled-16-of-19 State Junior Olympics where someone came in 7th place

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