Week 4/52

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life in general in 2016

Just like most people out here in the East Coast, our big thing this past week was the blizzard that hit us all-day Saturday. I have to say I feel pretty lucky considering we only got about 16 inches of snow unlike others who got up to three feet. We didn’t lose power, we had food in the fridge, and all of the girls’ activities were canceled — so really there was not much to complain about.  I spent much of Saturday binge watching Netflix’s runaway hit, “Making of a Murderer,” while the girls and Richard went about doing their things. Have you guys watched this docu-series yet? What do you think?

Digging out of the snow of Sunday wasn’t too bad either. We cleared out some snow from our driveway late Saturday afternoon so getting out the next day was not too difficult.  The sun was out shining and the girls had a bit of fun goofing off while helping out.  By Sunday afternoon, they were off to a friend’s birthday party while we watched the Patriots vs. Broncos game.

How was your weekend?








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