Week 43/52

Weekly snapshots of life in 2016

I guess you don’t see how grown your children are until you see them next to little toddlers.  As I was looking at photos I took of the girls with their 20-month old cousins, I realize how big my girls are now and how different our life stage is in comparison to that of my sister with her twin toddlers.  The doting stage of parenthood has been replaced with the broader role of (as Michelle Obama would say) mom-in-chief, where I need to supervise, guide and remind the girls of their responsibilities.  There’s a bit more letting go on my part and increased independence for the girls as we try to navigate early adolescence and assess how much they can handle.  I am hoping that this period will eventually give way to a responsible and mindful adulthood down the road.

I do love this stage now as I loved early childhood.  The exciting part of this stage is that I am beginning to get glimpses of the  kind of adults they one day we’ll be.  I can’t wait to have deeper conversations with them as well as discover their perspectives on different things.

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