Week 42/52

Weekly snapshots of life in 2016

This weekend’s weather is the stuff autumn is made of — sunny, slightly cool in the morning but warm enough in the afternoon to allow for a brisk walk without a jacket or sweater.  I tried to break away from the routine of just doing school/activity-related events that we’re stuck in these days.   I felt like I just needed to do different things to avoid feeling trapped in our current lifestyle as well as rekindle whatever creative juices I have in me.  Plus, the current political environment is so charged right now that I feel I need to distance myself a bit from toxic but constant bickering buzzing everywhere these days.   So I ended up seeing a movie, The Dressmaker, going out to dinner at a local tapas restaurant with Richard and insisting on a family outing that has nothing to do with our ordinary gig during the week.  And I can tell you that with just some minor adjustments, I feel recharged and energized to start the week.

Why do we, as parents, feel that we need to sacrifice our needs and priorities for our family and children?  I know as mothers we are usually the glue that holds the family together.  However, I do believe that for us to effectively parent, we need time to honor ourselves — our desires, passions, and all.  We need this vitality and energy to inspire our children who often look at us to model their own behaviors.  Do you often find time for yourself?  What do you usually do to recharge your batteries?  I’d love to know.

Few highlights from the week…


inesbday She’s down to celebrating her bday to twice instead of four times a year





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  1. I think this is so true. It’s completely ridiculous to expect parents to live exclusively for their kids – we are well past the era where women should subjugate themselves to the higher good of the family’s happiness. Rat-racing now also extending to parenthood essentially defaces something that is one of the most beautiful experiences in life. Utter ridiculousness that unfortunately you have to go through to fully understand. While I believe in trying to simultaneously take care of self while caring for others (e.g. running w a jogging stroller, flexible work schedule) – you’re so right on. We should also totally prioritize self care as well – we look out for everyone, so we should look out for us too! For me that means ALONE time in any form but what relaxes me most is having the house to myself (which almost never happens). Or I guess going for a run/walk with Sallie and podcasts; though I guess I’m not technically alone then 🙂

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