Week 41/52

Weekly snapshots of life in 2016

Where does time go?  I can’t seem to find my right footing, my proper pace in this new school year.   I try to stick to my schedule, which I’ve tried to simplify this year with less activities for the girls.  And yet, here I am, a month and a half into the school year and I am beat.  Is this the new normal?  Does having older kids in the suburbs mean more running around as I now have to drive them not just to their activities but also to their social commitments?

Don’t get me wrong, there are many joyous moments in parenting like seeing how the girls’ interactions with their friends change over the years.  As much as I get annoyed with petty tween stuff at home, I am often satisfied with the kind of friends they have and the quality of discussions they engage in.   There’s a certain amount of sensitivity to others and tolerance in differences among friends despite the enormous time spent on texting and social media.  Perhaps it is possible to raise emotionally-aware kids despite parents’ concerns over how social media can stifle children’s connectedness with others. What do you think?

Some moments from past week as we gear up for Halloween…






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