Week 40/52

Weekly snapshots of life in 2016

A week where not much happened, just the usual routine of work, school and rushing to activities.  Now that C’s school is a bit farther away from home, she gets backs from school late in the day. So I had to schedule the bulk of her extra-curricular activities on the weekend, which means less time for us to unwind and relax before the new week begins.  I am running pretty tired these days but then again, that’s the case for most of us, right?  There’s just never enough time to do everything.

There were some fun moments this week like…

Getting Brady to try on his Halloween costume where he seems a little peeved about the whole situation.



C getting adjusted to a different pace and way of learning at her new school.

livingroom …Ines feeling a little under the weather but still gave her cross-country meet all she got.


…A short but sweet moment among cousins to beat the Sunday blues.


Have a great week everyone!

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