Week 3/52

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life in general in 2016

Another relatively calm week for us. Ines was extremely motivated to sell her Girl Scouts cookies, committed to exceeding her sales goals from last year. For Chiara, it was the usual stuff in tweenland, mixed in with a bit of girl drama here and there. I try not to overreact to what she tells me and try to put my “botox brows” on. The road ahead to being a mother of girls is long, my friends. I need to pace myself and choose which battles to fight…

The girls have also been bickering a lot. Despite the fact that it gets a bit annoying hearing them fight, I know they love each other deeply and can’t do away without one another. There are still tender moments at the house when they like to snuggle next to each other or when they seek each other’s company. Yes, sisters, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

Have a great week!






  1. Is I doing the running man in that picture? Too true regarding sisters …but they are lucky to have one another and a mom that worries/loves/cares for/thinks ahead for them so much.

    • Ines was doing a variation of the running man. Gotta expend all her energy during winter months when she’s stuck indoors. Thanks about comment on being a good mom. I just try to do right by them.

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