Week 34/52

Weekly snapshots of life in 2016

Two more weeks to go before school starts! A part of me is beginning to feel a little unsettled already, moving away from that easygoing summer mode I’ve been operating from the last couple of months. There’s back-to-school shopping for Ines that still needs to get done — thankfully, Chiara’s portion is finished already. Slowly this week, we’ll try to go back to sleeping a bit earlier at night, which should be easier now that the Olympics is over.

I am thankful to have caught up with some family and friends last week.  It’s the bonding time with loved ones that always make us feel positive and affirmed that we’re all in the bumpy rides of life together.  I always appreciate the lack of pretense when I’m with close friends and family — there’s no need to impress, just the familiar rhythms of catching up, sharing a meal or two and lots of laughters.

In a few days, we take off Brady’s cone, which he’s been wearing since his surgery two weeks ago.  He’s been such a sport about everything and so sweet, though he did have a teen moment this week when he ate part of our carpet.   I just blame it on his frustration of not being able to gnaw on his toys and bully stick because of the cone.  Luckily for us, the damaged carpet was one we wanted to replace anyway.  Ahh, the joys of having a pet…

Have a great week!

Some moments from last week…



happyb Happy Brady


vanvleck A little yoga action at Van Vleck Gardens in Montclair courtesy of my sister

clafoutis Clafoutis pie I made this weekend

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