Weekly snapshots of family life in 2016

We are now back in the US, much to my mother’s relief.  While we were in France last month, she begged me frequently to go back to the US.  According to her, my girls will be much safer back in the suburbs of Northern New Jersey.   But are they really though?  I feel like there’s a certain amount of unpredictability as to when and where the next catastrophe will occur.  And while the US is a relatively safe country, reading about police violence and the Republican and Democratic conventions while overseas can make one think that our great country isn’t a safe haven either.

The thing is despite the Paris and Nice attacks, along with the Normandy killing last week, life still goes on in France.  The same way we all tried to carry on after 9/11 here in the US.  Yes, we were all impacted and hurt, and life is forever changed but we tried not to give up our basic rights that we enjoy in the free society we live in.  The same is true for France.  Most of the friends and family I talked to mentioned how wary and a bit more suspicious they are when out in public places but they still go on with the usual in their daily lives.

We plan to go back to France soon, maybe for the holidays.  My mother is not too happy about it but France is where our “other half” lives.

Have a great week!

lastbloom1 The last flower from our garden this summer



eiffeltower View from Centre Pompidou

leshalles Newly redone Forum des Halles shopping center in Paris


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