Week 30/52

Weekly snapshots of family life in 2016

Our stay here in France is winding down.  We are leaving Normandy today to spend a couple of days in Paris. It’s always bittersweet, this part of the trip. I’m looking forward to going back home but I’m always sad to leave France because I think there’s always something essential we leave behind when we go back to the US. I cannot necessarily pinpoint as to what it is — maybe we’re more carefree, maybe we just spend more time together as a family away from daily distractions and demands when we’re here? But whatever it is, I always leave Normandy feeling a little bit more clearer about where I stand in life and what my values are, just a tad bit surer in my footing.  Perhaps all vacations do that, maybe distancing yourself from the everyday gives you better perspective to see things for what they are.

Some photos of what we’ve been up to the last week…

…Our last visit to the beach in Deauville where it reached 95 degrees, rare for this part of France.




…Long overdue visit to pianist Erik Satie’s house in Honfleur. Satie was born 150 years ago yet the music he composed and played remain modern and fresh today.




…Just walking around Honfleur and admiring this quaint town.



…Going to a horse race in Deauville where both girls won on horses they placed their bets on.



Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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