Week 29/52

Weekly snapshots of family life in 2016

We’re still in France.  It has been a rollercoaster of a week.  There was the high from being in Amsterdam and being reminded of how tolerance and diversity can work and the thrill of France going to the Euro Cup finals, which lifted the country’s spirit albeit for a short while.  Personally, I was happy to not play tourist at our house here, simply going to places we’ve known and just soaking in the beauty and history of everything.

Then, the carnage in Nice happened.  We were at my in-laws, getting ready for a family reunion that tends to take place around Bastille Day.  After watching the fireworks from the backyard, we got ready for bed.  Richard checked his phone one last time before retiring for the night and saw the news.  At the time, the news media reported only 20 dead. We knew that things will be bad whatever the final death count is. France, once again, has suffered another terrorist attack.

It’s exhausting to see what’s happening in France right now and read news from around the world, especially at home in the US where police killings are becoming more rampant. The world is on edge with another breaking news just moments away. The negativity that permeates our everyday lives is simply toxic and has reached alarming levels.

Something has got to change. I cannot control all the global stuff happening but I know that I want to go on — to live, to love, to experience and to travel. There’s a new world order we need to abide by. We can’t be as trusting as before, we need to be more vigilant, we need to take certain precautions. But we all still need to go on.

I came across these words by Anne Frank from our visit to our house a few weeks ago that’s helping me get by…

I know what I want,
I have a goal,
I have opinions,
a religion
and love.

— Anne Frank, April 11, 1944

Have a great week!

hotairballoon Hot air balloons behind our house

etretat Beautiful Etretat cliff

trouvillesunset Surreal Trouville sunset


cousins.2 Cousin love




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