Week 27/52

Weekly snapshots of family life in 2016

Happy Fourth of July to everyone in the US! We’re here in France, enjoying a slower pace as well as rediscovering things that we’ve left behind at our house here about a year ago. It’s become a bit easier coming here over the years, especially now that the girls are older. There’s also a certain ease and calm in knowing our way around in this part of Normandy. Gone are the days when we felt like tourists, compelled to attend to must-see attractions and goings-on in town. This year, we just took it easy the first few days, did little house projects, tidied up — merely stopping to go out to go eat or check out a new store.

callalilies Flowers in our garden

One of the highlights of our stay here is going to the local marché, similar to farmer’s markets in the US except it’s year round here, and twice a week in our particular town. The marchés offer not only food but also clothes, livestock and chair repair (see second picture below). These local markets provide great communal experience for everyone to gather and see friends. You’ll often see people stop and give double kisses to someone they ran into so you have to be patient moving around at these markets as the person may just abruptly stop in front of you for no great reason than to give les bises to a neighbor or cousin.



As we bought a few essentials at the marché, we also got a chance to wander off and poke our noses at random parts of the town center.

pontaudemerflowers Flowers by the bridge near the market

oldwalls  These old walls and structure

conservatory The local music school

We also went back to one of our favorite restaurants, Sadi Carnot, where they serve French/Norman classics with a twist. My indulgence for the night was a Norman specialty, boudin noir (pork blood sausage, I know, I know but it really is delicious) with caramelized onions and raisins and pureed pumpkin.



We also discovered some new places near us, such as a home decor concept store with a cute eatery in the back called Le Pressoir and a cute restaurant in Deauville called Le 21.

lepressoir Le Pressoir Concept Store

lepressoir.2 Gotta love this little setup

lerestaurant21 Pre-pasta indulgence at Le 21

Have a great week everyone! We’re off to Amsterdam for a few days. I can’t wait to report back from that trip.

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