Week 25/52

Weekly snapshots of family life in 2016

There was a lot of tween angst in our household this week.  We’re in that territory where parenting feels like walking on eggshells.  You just never know when the next explosive moment of raised voices and slammed doors will take place. While we try to prepare for this stage, we are never truly ready for the heartache of our child breaking away a bit from her cocoon. Yet it has to happen.

But let’s not dwell too much on the negative, that will be for a different post.  There were some precious moments this weekend as we headed to the last week or recitals and sports championship.

…Chiara has fallen in love with playing guitar.  While she still plays piano, I think her heart is in her new instrument.  I am proud of her for making the alternate list for Carnegie Hall especially since she has only taken lessons for seven months.



…Soccer championships where this girl played her heart out. They came in second after a heartbreaking goal by the opposing team. But as tough as it was for these girls to lose, I believe they’ve learned some life lessons — perhaps the disappointment  will help them become more determined and focused in the future.  Yet, more importantly, I hope that these girls learn that the humbling and grounding experience of failure is where you learn about your limitations, that one cannot be great in everything.  And that’s okay. It’s not just about the final result, or the actual winning, but also about the process of pursuing something you enjoy and are passionate about.


…A little birthday dinner for me thrown by a dear friend. Isn’t this table setting so pretty?


…Some Father’s Day celebration on Sunday.



…Spending time with Brady and watching him grow.


Hope you had a great weekend!

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