Week 24/52

Weekly snapshots of family life in 2016 

It’s hard to focus sometimes at the joys of family life and raising kids when there’s so much sadness around the world.   We talked briefly yesterday with the girls about the massacre in Orlando, gun laws, and terrorist fears.  There’s so much they do not comprehend or grasp yet but I always believe that an open family discussion on these types of matters prepare them for the real world.  Growing up in the suburbs, I am always wary that they live in a bubble or some version of utopia.

Yet, there was much to celebrate this week in our household.  It was a very Ines-centric weekend with the upcoming one being Chiara’s.  Ines performed at Carnegie Hall for the second time on Friday night.  It was tough to get a spot for this particular performance as she competed with more than 300 students in her music school.  So we were quite surprised that she got a spot along with about 14 other piano students.

Her Friday night performance was followed by her competing in the county-wide track championship at 9am on Saturday morning.  I was extremely worried that she’ll burn out halfway through the race after going to bed late on Friday night.  But this little firestorm ended up finishing first place in her division for her age group in the 400m at 1:21 minute while placing second in the 800m at 3:01 minutes.

As much as I asked her to quit one of her activities to free up time and lessen the pressure, she begs me to keep most of them.  Persistence and passion are definitely her key traits; she never wants to give up when she starts something she likes.  We are extremely proud of her as she tackled all her endeavors this past weekend!





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