Week 16/52

Weekly snapshots of family life in 2016

Are we there yet,” the most often used expression by kids during long drives, is what ran through my head this whole weekend.  As a parent, this time of the school year is the one I detest the most.  It’s like we are racing mad to get through that yellow finish line known as the end of the school year as we shuttle our kids from one sporting event to another, to recital practice and actual recital shows, to birthday parties and other remaining extracurricular commitments.  This continuous whirlwind of activities is enough to drive the even the most indefatigable person to complete exhaustion.

There is some glimmer of hope here and there, reminders of easygoing summer months ahead.   I just need to remind myself not to take for granted the simpler pleasures in life.

It can be in something small like Brady’s joy in meeting my sister’s dog, Sallie.  Though he was overwhelmed by Sallie’s immense stature, Brady still hung in and tried to engage her playmate albeit with some trepidation.



It can be in watching Chiara’s early soccer game with Ines and Brady and enjoying the early morning frost, knowing that warmer temps will buoy your soul later in the day.



Or it can be in blogging and photo editing with Brady on my lap.


At the end of the day, it’s all these little things that make a difference.  Have a great week!

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  1. Cuteness overload!

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