Week 13/52

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life in general in 2016

This past week was pretty much about our Los Angeles trip, planning and getting ready for it.  Well, we’ve been here for the past few days now and I can tell you that both of my daughters have fallen in love with LA.  Is it because of the nice temperate weather? Perhaps but they really haven’t said they wanted to stay and move in other warmer destinations they’ve visited.  I think that more than anything my daughters like the overall vibe and feel of LA as well as the beautiful topography and landscape found here. Try as they may to remember why they love the East Coast, the California temptation, however remote, is there.

What’s a mother to do when confronted with this situation?  I already half-seriously asked them not to look at colleges here in the future, explaining to them that it will take forever for me to see them in case of an emergency. Plus, I mentioned that it will take forever for them to get to France to visit families and stay at the house in Normandy.  So, for now, I think the idea of California is out of their heads.  But who knows how long that will last? At one point, I will have to cut the umbilical cord and they will need to decide where they would ultimately like to settle and build their lives.

Have great week everyone!






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