Washington DC – Part 1

One of the things we did during the holiday break was visit Washington DC. It was the girls’ first time and we have not been in awhile. We thought DC would be a great place to visit since both girls are learning a lot of early American history in school. Plus, it’s such a quick and easy getaway for us — a breeze compared to the stress of plane travel with kids.

Washington DC is one of those cities that one can see a lot of in a few days. We were there for four days and felt we got to see a lot of things without feeling tired at the end of our trip. It’s also a great city for walking especially by the National Mall, which is peppered with museums and landmarks throughout.

Here are some of our initial stops:

….the obligatory White House visit


….the beautiful Library of Congress, which is the world’s biggest. This institution, which original began as Thomas Jefferson’s personal library, now houses 36 million books.




libraryofcongress4 Thomas Jefferson’s original personal library


….and Capitol Hill, which is under construction.

capitol hill

…lunch at Nooshi, in the Barracks Row of the city. This pan-Asian restaurant serves delicious calamari, satays and soups.



…walk through National Mall where we stopped to see the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and Vietnam War Memorial.





I’ll be back another time with more photos from the trip!

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