V-Day and a Birthday Party

Though it snowed on Valentine’s Day and the temperatures hover around single digit this weekend, we managed to get a few things done. The girls went to a Father-Daughter Dance at school on Friday night. On Saturday, we had a quiet Valentine’s Dinner at home where I prepared an Irish Lamb Stew, followed by a delicious macaron cakes and flourless chocolate pastry from Le Petit Parisien in Montclair.

On Sunday, we celebrated Chiara’s birthday with her closest friends at a local wood-fired pizza place. She did not want a big birthday party anymore. As much as I dreaded the thought of driving six girls in my car while Richard had three more, I was pleasantly surprised with how well-behaved the girls were. Yes, the girls asked me to blast the radio a few times and there were a few shenanigans in the back of the car. But overall, the girls were pretty good. Richard and I managed to even have a pretty interesting and rather mature conversation with them. I suppose as a parent it is always a bit comforting to know that your child has chosen a good set of friends to be around.

Hope you had lovely weekend!

vday note A little Valentine’s Day note from Chiara







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