Twins’ Baby Shower

On Sunday afternoon, we had a baby shower for my sister who’s expecting twins. Lots of merrymaking and joy all around as the parents-to-be gather amongst friends, sometimes holding little ones in their arms as they prepare for their coming roles as new parents.

The girls had fun decorating onesies for their soon-to-be cousins…girl cousins, for that matter. As I look around the room and watch my sister’s friends and the life stages their in, I realized how that time is now all in the distant past. My new parenting reality is now made up of Ariana Grande and the Percy Jackson series, less of formulas and baby foods.

Hope you had a good weekend!


peasinapod.1 Two Peas in a Pod Cupcakes from Dulce and Petit



onesie.3 Nod to the babies’ multi-culti background

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