Tween Fashion for the Not-So Girly-Girl

One of the things that Chiara asked me before the school year is if she can only wear pants to school — no skirts and dresses. Apparently, most of the fifth grade girls in her school only wear pants/shorts/leggings to school. I wanted to give her autonomy so I agreed but I did mention that she may need to wear skirts or dresses for special occasions.

Choosing what the girls wear for school has always challenged me. I went to a private Catholic school where we wore uniforms, skirts or jumpers regardless of the weather. So I suppose I tend to choose clothes that are a little too dressy for school.

I was looking at Pinterest the other day and saw some images under tween fashion that I really liked and may not be too far from what the girls would like to wear.

Take a look…What do you think? Casual enough for school?

la petite magazine.1


la petite magazine#2.1

milk mag aigle.1

pin fashion.1


  1. Samy is also starting to have requests about his clothes. I follow his lead but I have a veto right. We love shopping at Zara’s and H&M. I think he likes the european style and me too
    I think Layla will be more challenging, I already stopped going to certain stores and I had to veto some pretty outrageous ideas like animal prints…

    • I love the more Euro style like Zara. Find the other brands a little too bright for my taste. That’s funny about Layla. She’s definitely a free spirit:-)

  2. My girls mainly wear skinny jeans and a t-shirt. Hey me too for that matter 😉

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