Tween Bedroom Makeover

As I mentioned in this post, we wanted to do a little tweaking of Chiara’s bedroom for her 10th birthday. ‎It was not a huge drastic change but we wanted something that is a bit more reflective of Chiara’s current interests. So gone are the old world map tapestry that covered most of one wall and the dog print that hung on the opposite side.

We replaced the map with skateboard art and a quaint “bonjour” sign over her bed, thinking that the tough vs. dainty wall hangings will balance each other out.  She also now has a tack board with her initial to hang photos, mementos, or interesting clippings and a furry pouf for reading.

One of my favorite parts in her new room (aside from the skateboard art) is the print from this wonderful lady. The print is a meditative piece that reflects one’s relationship to the greater world and uses ancient Filipino script and symbolism. We had gotten the print for a fundraiser for typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines, not knowing that we would be using it for Chiara’s room. I am really glad that the print fits nicely in its’ new home.

Have you tackled any home improvement projects in the new year? I feel like the beginning of the year is when I am much inspired to execute house projects, much to my husband’s dismay. Oh well…




DSC_0702_2 Love the McQueen shoe next to the cowboy boot




Babylan Mandala Babaylan Mandala


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