Tweaking A Girly Girl’s Room

Unlike her sister’s more tomboyish taste with skateboards and Legos adorning the bedroom, Ines’ aesthetic even as a little girl leaned more toward feminine with a little glitz here and there.  She still likes that style but wanted to tweak her room just a tiny bit and add personal touches that reflect who she is.

Ines was very hands-on throughout this process with a strong vision of what she wanted to add to her room.  Here are some of the details…

…A non-cookie cutter (Nakashima-inspired) night table where she can put her books on with new lamp


A new mood board where she can pin photos, sketches, running medals


….And showcase her love for the Minions


Light garlands on her desk

Chalkboard paint as accent painting


Little vignettes on her bookcase




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