Trouble with Summer Birthdays

The thing with summer birthdays is that you don’t get to truly celebrate it with your school friends during the school year.  You don’t get to bring in treats in school on your birthday like most kids.  You’ll have to wait to bring them in at the end of the school year when teacher sets aside time several days in June for summer birthday kids to bring in their treats.

The same thing goes for birthday parties, which is more relevant when a child is younger than in later school years.  I suppose you can have a party over the summer.  However, since Ines’ birthday happens right before the beginning of the school year and near Labor Day, we usually end up having her birthday party with her school friends in October when things are less hectic…which is exactly what we did yesterday.

The theme for this year’s party is sports and fitness.  We had it at the local Y where the girls played various relay games as well as dodge ball.  My favorite part, as in most of my daughters’ birthday parties, were the cupcakes, which were delicious and so cleverly prepared by Karen from Dulce and Petit.

Did you have a nice weekend?

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