To A Lighter and Simpler Year

Hi lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful holiday break with your families and friends. The last two weeks felt a lot longer than what they really were and our pre-holidays lives seem a bit hazy and out of focus for now.  But it won’t last for long as many of us get our back-to-reality dose when we resume our normal schedules today.

So 2015, what will you be like? Many of us have already made resolutions that we plan on achieving this year, or at least, we try to stick with them until March anyway, right? I have a few that I’d like to share with you. First, I want to focus on relationships that truly matter. I’d like to spend time with family and friends with whom I share a genuine bond, not just ones whom I have some superficial commonalities with in the past. We all have limited spare time and I think it would be wise for me to spend those rare moments with people I truly care about and not with ones whom I feel obligated to keep in touch with.

Second, I’d like to the minimize the focus on material possessions in my life. We’ve all gone through a buyers’ remorse where we felt down after purchasing something we’ve dreamt about for months. Apart from a few of these items, many just buys fake self-confidence that will last us until we get our next fix.  I’d like to take on a personal challenge of living with a lot less material possessions and see where this approach will take me.

Third, I’d like to focus on the more spiritual and ethereal side of things — to take time to meditate, to be still and listen to that inner voice. This will be the hardest one for me as I tend to approach life in a fast pace. However, I do know that those calm and quiet moments will prove to be restorative in my overall journey for the year.

Have a wonderful start to the new year, my friends! I wish you all the love, kindness and joy in 2015.




  1. Happy new year! Btw Anna would love to go to France this summer

  2. 2015 sounds like a very spiritual year for you. I would love to learn how to meditate. I love your number 1 resolution and I can tell you it brings a lot of relief once you implement it.
    To a lovely year!!!

    • Thanks, Imene! I forgot that you have done my first resolution already. I hope it brings lightness in my life. We’ll see. And yes, to a lovely year!

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