Tired of Snow Already

I usually enjoy the four seasons that we have here in the Northeast but we are really getting killed with the number of snowstorms we are getting this winter. It is just not the snow but it’s the constant arctic blast and below freezing temps that I think we are all tired of. Not sure how we are even going to pull off Super Bowl this weekend when the weather forecast states more snow will be coming our way this week and potentially Super Bowl weekend. Oh well…

The weekend is pretty much a reflection of our current feelings toward old man winter. We tried to enjoy the snow and thought we’d just live with it and not let it get us down. But, alas, it made our Saturday afternoon a bit of a nightmare as we chauffeured the girls from a pool birthday party to their piano recital. The roads were slippery, which made getting around a bit of a challenge. We were going to take the girls out for a celebratory dinner after their recital but we opted to stay at home instead where I made a ham and tomato frittata for dinner. By the time Sunday came around, I was glad to have some bonding and catch-up time with  friends whom I have not seen for a month.

Hope you had a lovely weekend! I hope it was a lot warmer than ours.


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  1. The fun of snow and hot cocoa is wearing off. I am looking forward to warmer temperatures too

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