Three Most Romantic Movies

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it would be fun to come up with the most romantic movies of all times. I tried hard to come up with my favorite ones, which are listed below, but as I was reflecting back on these movies and why I like them, I realized that they all have a bit of sadness and tragedy. I suppose all great love stories are a bit complex and always have a bit of sadness. That’s what makes these relationships so memorable.

So here’s my list. What are some of your favorite romantic films?

In the Mood for Love. Set in Hong Kong in 1962, this movie follows the two main characters, Chow and Su, over the course of time as they deal with their respective spouse’s infidelities. In time, Chow and Su end up falling in love with one another but their past kept them from truly being together. The costume, cinematography and design of this film are so beautiful and breathtaking that it’s worth seeing the movie for aesthetic reasons alone.

in mood for love


Un Homme et Une Femme. This is the movie that made me fall in love with Deauville.  Shot in the 1960s and another story of a couple (this time both widowed) whose memories of the past kept haunting them and affecting how they relate to one another.  Anouk Aimée was absolutely stunning in this movie.  The movie is the sixth top-grossing movie in France and won the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film.



Love Story.  Need I say more.  Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal at their finest.  I think I finished a whole tissue box at the end of the movie.


Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day, dear friends!  See you here next week.

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