These Are Paintings, Not Photos

Over the weekend, we checked out an exhibit called The City at the Gallery Henoch in the Chelsea district of Manhattan.  Part of my motivation was to see the works of a friend, Richard Combes, whose works are part of the exhibit.   The remarkable thing about the exhibition is that all the canvases look like photographs from afar (or even up close).   Don’t be fooled — these works are actually paintings.  Can you imagine the amount of detail, work, precision and patience that went in creating each one of these pieces?

If you happen to be in Chelsea in the next few weeks, you should check out this exhibit, which runs until December 7th.



DSC_8716_2 This image and the two above are by Richard Combes

DSC_8709.1 By Steve Mills

DSC_8714.1 By Raphaella Spence

DSC_8721.1 Street art across the gallery

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