There’s Always Paris

Typically, before we head back to the US after our monthlong sojourn in France, we  spend a couple of days in Paris.  The girls now deem it as a tradition before returning back home.  The trip usually includes going to a favorite Indian restaurant and seeing an exhibit at one of the museums, though I must say we just keep going back to Centre Pompidou in the last few years with their exciting focus on modernist artists such as Twombly, Klee, Magritte and Lichtenstein.  In order to keep things fresh, we also try to bring the girls to a part of Paris they have not been to during prior trips so they can get to know the city further.

As the girls get older, I start to wonder how they’ll feel about Paris when they are in their 20s and 30s.  Will they see Paris the same way their parents do?  Will they feel that they leave a part of themselves behind whenever they return back to the US?  Will they come back to Paris and Normandy we  stop footing their travel expenses?  Hmm, I guess time will tell…

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