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As much as I love the grandeur of big-city museums, I also love visiting local museums and galleries near us in the suburbs.  The two local museums that we visit the most are the Montclair Art Museum and Morris Museum. The latter was our destination Sunday afternoon — I wanted to take the girls there to see Nathan Sawaya’s Lego exhibit and yesterday was its last day at the museum. I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record and a little predictable talking about Legos and Nathan Sawaya on this blog but the guy has some pretty awesome creations.

Morris Museum has a new exhibit on eggs that delves into the decorative and scientific aspect of these lovely objets.  I thought it was rather timely with Easter coming up.  There were lots of interactive and tactile things alongside the exhibit, which I like since children are always told to keep away from many things at the larger museums.  Another neat exhibit at the museum was on automata machines — think larger-than-life music boxes, automated puppetry, gramophones from about 100 years ago.  It was cool for the girls to see how music was played a few generations back and contrast it to how we listen to music today.

Do you have any favorite local museums and galleries that you often visit? Or do you only just visit the well-known museums and galleries in your area?  Do share…

Egg Exhibit at Morris Museum

Egg Exhibit at Morris Museum

Egg Exhibit at Morris Museum

Wooly Wily at Morris Museum

automata morris museum

Nathan Sawaya Mount Rushmore


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