The Little Prince and A Birthday

This weekend was another busy one but we managed to squeeze in some fun time despite the hectic pace.  One of the major highlights of this weekend was seeing the Little Prince exhibit at the Morgan Museum.   Unbeknownst to many people, Antoine St-Exupery actually wrote and published his famous book in New York.  It was only a couple of years after his death in 1944 when the book was translated in French and subsequently published in France.   The Little Prince is now the most translated French book and is also often one of the first great books that French language students are asked to read.

The neat thing about the exhibit was seeing the author’s original notes, sketches and manuscripts in their wonderfully-preserved state. There were even a few cigarette and coffee stains on some of the pages, giving the exhibit a more human touch.  Also featured are numerous illustrations and notes that were not included in the final book, allowing us to follow the author’s thinking in greater depth.

Original Little Prince book Book personally dedicated by the author to a friend




The other weekend highlight was celebrating a belated birthday dinner for my sister who was feeling a little bit under the weather.  Her restaurant choice, Penang, is a family fave so we were more than happy to partake in all the birthday goodness.

What about you?  Did you have a lovely weekend?




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