The Girl with the Four Birthdays Redux

As you may recall from this post, my daughter, Ines, loves to celebrate her birthday, so much so that she celebrates her birthday four times!  This weekend, she celebrated the last part of her birthday bash with her school friends.  She wanted to have a cookie-making theme so we ended up going to this place.  The girls who ran the party did an amazing job keeping all the children engaged and focused.  I certainly would not have been able to pull off the same thing at home, not as calm, clean and organized!

The party was bittersweet for me.  While I do enjoy the ups and downs of planning a young child’s birthday party, I always end up feeling way exhausted in the end as well as overwhelmed and guilty by the insane amount of presents we receive.  But I think what got me after the party that made me a little wistful was the realization that all this big, themed birthday parties may be coming to an end.  The girls are just getting big and I know that they will be wanting a more “grown-up” type of birthday party soon.

Chiara, who will be turning 10 early next year, is already begging me for a more tween-like birthday party. Something along the lines of movie and pizza at a movie theater with seven of her closest buddies is what she’s planning to do.  I suppose I should feel happy about the minimal preparation and cost savings but a part of me already feels nostalgic for the young childhood phase that the girls are about to leave behind.








  1. That looks like a real fun birthday place. Although I will miss pretty much anything about their childhood, large birthday parties will not be part of it. The boys have already been doing low key birthdays with a couple of friends and I have to say I am totally on board with that.
    Tell Ines she is one lucky girl! 4 birthday wow!!!

  2. I told her that she is indeed lucky to have celebrated that many times with family and friends. It is crazy how fast time flies and how big the kids are getting.

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