The Girl with Four Birthdays

My younger daughter, Ines, loves celebrating her birthdays so much that she celebrates it four times.  The first one is with her grandparents in France before we head back to the US.  The second one is usually celebrated with just the nuclear family, the four of us.  The third one is often celebrated with her uncle who shares an August birthday with her.  The fourth is with her friends from school.

It may sound a bit excessive but it is so much fun to see the energy and planning she devotes in planning these celebrations.  She is only turning seven but it’s funny to see the hostess/party planner in her emerge already.  For instance, for her birthday celebration in France, she insisted on preparing on one of the desserts that is inspired by Hello Kitty and made of fruits and M&Ms.  No cookbook or recipe, just her own vision and creation.

Getting her Hello Kitty dessert ready
Getting her Hello Kitty dessert ready


She also cleaned and organized the house with her grandmother in preparation for her birthday feast .  I love her enthusiasm and gusto for life.  I hope she carries this attitude for the rest of your life.



Her request -- mussels for her birthday
Her request — mussels for her birthday

And some fries And some fries


She loves her Hello KItty!
She loves her Hello KItty!


  1. Love her smile in these pics. So genuinely glee filled! What a kid…

  2. She is so cute!!! Also a very smart girl, love her choice of fries as part of her birthday meal!!!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Joyeux anniversaire!! Koul Sanaa mabrouk and Feliz compleano
    Well that makes it four languages for four birthdays

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