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I recently saw this article in New York Magazine on Cole Haan’s fall campaign called “Born in 1928” where they used renowned celebrities  in their 70s and 80s to represent the brand’s 85th anniversary.  Out of all the celebrities in the Cole Haan ad, the one who fascinated me the most is China Machado.  At 83 years old, this lady rocks!   I did not know much about China until the last few years when I have seen write-ups on her in various publications.   I recently discovered that she is the first non-Caucasian model to be featured in a leading fashion magazine, Harpers Bazaar, in 1959.   At 83, she still leads a very active life, doing painting, fixing furniture and doing photography sessions.

china machado 2
China Machado from the Daily Whatever blog

China Machado

Cole Haan Campaign

Older women have always fascinated me.  I don’t know if it’s their inner wisdom or their calmer sensual appeal that intrigue me.  I remember being impatient about my age and how I could not wait to turn 30.  While many of my friends were reading Glamour and Mademoiselle magazines in our 20s, I was reading Mirabella magazine, a now-defunct monthly for the smarter, older women.

So I am pretty much dismayed when I see the over-sexualization of women who are 40+.  Blame it on Samantha on Sex and the City or even Demi Moore before she went nuts.  I get that there may be some kind of pride that comes with looking good when you are older.  However, I don’t think one needs to flaunt her appearance blatantly and start dressing like she is in her 20s just to show that she still got it goin’ on (BTW, this applies to men also).  A little restraint goes a long way.

Until we find the magic elixir or the fountain of youth, I think that the secret to aging gracefully is the sum of these parts — 1/3 curiosity and sense of adventure, 1/3 wisdom and 1/3 self-knowledge and acceptance.  I think that we should remain open as we get older and always challenge our way of thinking.  We should not debase the wisdom and knowledge that we developed when we were younger.  Last, we should know ourselves and accept who we are instead of trying to fit in what society wants us to be.

Here are some images of older, famous women who I think have a little more depth and act age appropriate…


Diane von Furstenberg from The Guardian


Inès de la Fressange from RDuJour blog


Lauren Hutton from Citizens of Fashion blog

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