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As we dodged a potential snowfall this week, I must say that I am beginning to now feel like spring is truly here. We are two weeks away from the girls’ Spring Break at school and about three weeks away from Easter. So while some naysayers say that it is still possible to see snow in April, I would like to think we are further and further away from the memorable winter of 2014.

So with that said, I want to do a happy dance and share with you some of the things that caught my attention that you may want to check out his weekend.


eye-cuba via

New Jersey

  • Check out some of the museum’s planes and helicopters and learn how pilots fly here.  
  • An art gallery walk and talk (from Women Choose Women Again show) with the artists on hand explaining their work.

New York

  • Make some interesting color blocking with your kids’ crayons here.  
  • This exhibit, inspired by Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming film on Noah, with various contemporary artists sharing their interpretation of this story that we all know too well.

Have a great weekend, friends!   See you here on Monday!

Pinones Puerto Rico

Pinones Puerto Rico

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