Can you believe that February is over? I know it’s a shorter month but the last few weeks really did go fast, didn’t they?

Anyway, here are some of the things that caught my attention this week:


  • Lorrie Moore’s comeback novel, Bark, after 15 years of absence.  The book is full of interesting and unique short stories that will keep you entertained.  
  • I just got Urban House today, a comprehensive new design book on city living from different capitals around the world. Some of the fabulous homes featured are making me a tad bit jealous.
  • For those needing a little inspiration in their cooking, the new Keepers book feature tons of recipes and tips to make weekday meal preparation a lot easier.

New York

  • Kids’ Food Festival at Bryant Park – Children and parents can participate in hands-on cooking workshops and demonstrations with several celebrity chefs, including Carla Hall and the Cake Boss.  There’s also focus on proper nutrition in an effort to reduce childhood obesity further.  
  • Check out this super-chic and cool jewelry store by Melissa Joy Manning in Soho.  Sigh, if only I can have every single piece!

New Jersey

  • Time to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday with a breakfast buffet and crafts at the Liberty Hall Museum.  
  • Check out Art for Families: Master “Pieces” at Princeton University Museum where families can enjoy the various art works featured.  The visit is followed by an art project where children are encouraged to create their own masterpieces.

That’s it folks!  Enjoy your weekend.  I will try to enjoy mine as I brace myself for another snowstorm on Monday!  Wake me up when all this winter madness is over.


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