An Afternoon with Julianne Moore

Hi friends!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  My post today was going to be on the quiet weekend we spent at home — with the girls’ piano workshop, date night with hubby and lazy Sunday breakfast at home. All that changed on Sunday afternoon when we went to a local book fair (actually a few towns over) and heard Julianne Moore read from her new book.  As I have mentioned in this post, I liked the book a lot and actually purchased it from Amazon a month ago.

Julianne was lovely in person, very much at ease with conversing and interacting with the kids. My little Ines ended up asking her a couple of questions during the Q&A.  During the book signing, Julianne remembered that Ines asked her a few questions and thanked her for participating.

I liked Julianne before as an actress but I think I like her more now seeing how natural and kind she was around kids.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!






DSC_8685_2 Chatting like they have been pals for years

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