Summer Adventure & “Dog Daze of Summer” in Boonton

We are in the midst of packing our suitcases as we prepare for our summer adventure.  This year, we are going to the Philippines, which I have not visited since 1999.  The only time my husband, Richard, went was in 1995.  My girls, Chiara and Ines, have never been but have heard many of my childhood stories so it is a country that is familiar yet intriguing to them.  After the Philippines, we will be in France where we’ll be spending most of our summer. So, check back here to see what we are up to.  I do hope to blog and stay in touch with you while traveling.

Before we go away, I want to post these pictures from the Dog Daze of Summer in Boonton, NJ (a town not too far from us).   Boonton had a deteriorating town center several years ago. Over the last few years, the town’s Main Street group was able to revive empty storefronts by attracting a lot of affordable art galleries, home decor stores, and restaurants to open in town. It reminds me a lot of Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill, Brooklyn  when we lived there in the late ’90s.

The dogs shown here, along with many others, line storefronts on Main Street. These canines  will be in Boonton all summer long and will be auctioned off in October to benefit The Seeing Eye and 11th Hour Rescue. There are also tons of wonderful art exhibits right now, including one at Speakeasy Gallery called “Sound & Vision” that explores the relationship between music and art.







Speakeasy Gallery exhibit

Speakeasy Gallery exhibit
Speakeasy Gallery exhibit
A newly renovated library on Main Street
A newly renovated library on Main Street


  1. Really cool. Thanks for posting. I should bid for one of the dogs and present it to the kids next time they ask for a dog.

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