In keeping with my New Year’s resolutions this year, I plan to check out Pico Iyer’s book, the Art of Stillness. Have you read it? It has been around for a couple of months now but I have not gotten around to reading it just yet.

In the book, Iyer talks about the virtues of just unplugging and being still. He also delves into how the technorati of the worlds are quite diligent about taking “Internet sabbaths” and not using their tech gadgets or going online one day a week. In this day and age when we are pretty much glued to the hip to our social media accounts and phones, it seems that not being socially active for a day or two is the utmost exercise of discipline and control.

But I do wonder what will happen if we all just do this kind of purging one day a week – no texting, no Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Instead of texting, what if we pick up the phone when we really want to talk to someone? And what if we just let our minds idle and meditate for a few minutes? How would we feel?

Many say there’s a sense of clarity and positivity that come with stillness. I don’t know how I’d feel after a day of social media purging and being still but I am giving it a go. One day a week where I plan to be quiet, mindful, listen to my inner voice and have my own sanctuary. One day a week where I’ll leave a blank space in my life. I can’t wait to get started.



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