Spring in Full Swing

This weekend was all about being outdoors. I spent Saturday at Van Vleck House and Gardens, a wonderful little park that is just the right size for me. Private and not too big, the Gardens is where I took a three-hour photography class this weekend. I like going to these photo workshops from time to time as I always learn a thing or two plus I get to meet other photographers, which is always lots of fun.

Richard was away this weekend so the girls and I had tons of bonding time. We spent Friday night with some of the girlies’ friends from school while another mom friend and I caught up and watched a movie during the girls’ playdate. It’s quite easy to have the playdates these days with the girls pretty much not needing much direct supervision.

On Sunday, we went to the local nursery and got some flowers to plant in the backyard. It was a much needed quiet time with the three of us simply enjoying one another, gardening and spending time outdoors. We needed the relaxing after a pretty crazy week that was filled with lots of highs and lows. Even Chiara told me on Sunday night that this past weekend felt a lot longer than two days. What about you? How was your weekend?

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Van Vleck

van vleck

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