Spring Break, Part 2 – Sedona and Some Socializing

Yesterday, we went to Sedona, which is about a two-hour drive from Scottsdale. It was pretty amazing to see the landscape change from hills lined with cacti to ones mostly populated with evergreens and other more verdant trees. There was also a pretty noticeable temperature drop in Sedona so we had to put on our sweaters to stay warm.

The red canyons of Sedona are breathtaking. I would have probably enjoyed them more if we went during off-peak season. Sedona’s landscape and its new-agey feel are just meant to be enjoyed in greater solitude and not with throngs of people everywhere where guarding your own peace and quiet can be quite a challenge. We were told the week before Easter is actually the busiest period in Sedona.

We did the Pink Jeep tour to see the canyons. I think touring the canyon with an organized tour group is the best way to visit. The roads are pretty rough so I would not advice doing an off-road drive with your own car or mountain bike.






After seeing the sights in Sedona, we visited Richard’s old friend, Andre Renard. He’s a former chef in New York where he did cakes for Bill Clinton (for his 50th birthday) and Julia Child. Andre is now based in Sedona where he’s busy with metal crafting and creating decorative pieces for restaurants and chefs to use to display food. Take a look at them here.



We finished the day with dinner with my cousins in Scottsdale. I have not seen my cousins for years so it was wonderful reuniting with them especially now that they have little ones whom our family has never met. Yes, it was a long day but definitely worth it. Seeing the wonders of nature in Sedona and catching up with loved ones — it does not get better than that.



  1. The images of the canyon are breathtaking! You are making me want to visit really bad.

    • Yes, that part of the US is quite gorgeous. When you go, try to avoid Easter week as it is their busiest period.

  2. Merci pour le voyage à distance, ça a l’air vraiment super. Profitez bien.
    Bises à vous quatre

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