So Long, Summer

These photos are my official goodbye to the summer of 2013.  Since our school year started a week later than usual this year, we were able to still enjoy summer in the US after our long stay in France.  Now, with almost a full week of school and activities under our belt, I can feel the rhythm of our lives already changing.  I suppose I can take relief in looking at some of these photos and reminisce during the long school year ahead.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am ready  for the fall.  I love the changing colors of leaves around us, the crispness in the air and the lack of humidity outdoors.  I cannot wait to eat a freshly baked apple pie, sip a hot cider and spend some time indoors curled up with a good book.

So, goodbye summer!   I am almost ready for fall.

DSC_6902.1 Cupcake made by sister for Ines’ birthday


DSC_7075_2 North Adams, Massachusetts



DSC_7203_2 Last day before school year

DSC_7227_2 A little tea party by the swingset



  1. What a nice way to transition into the new season…seems like the summer was filled with joy, looking forward to pics of autumnal cheer to follow!!

  2. How adorable are those two kids with Ines and Chiara!! Lol. Thanks for having us over. It was a fun play date for everyone not just the kids. I’ve also never seen Clara be so upset about leaving someone’s house.

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