Scenic Clinton, New Jersey

This weekend, we continued to visit places and towns near us that we have never been to before. Part of the motivation for us is that we want to be outdoors exploring while the weather is still nice. Last winter was simply brutal and by season’s end, we were raging to be outside after what seems like months of eternal hibernation.

We went to the town of Clinton yesterday. Richard actually discovered this quaint little town over the summer while the girls and I were still in France. The town is absolutely charming with mom and pop stores in the town center, reminiscent of what life was like before all the big store chains took over shopping centers.

The town is known for the picturesque Red Mill, which was used to produce many things before like wool. It’s situated right next to the Raritan River and comes alive around Halloween where there are haunted visits inside and outside the building.

Also, next to the river is the Hunterdon Art Museum, another old mill. The museum kicked off their fall season yesterday and we got a chance to see some interesting works by local artists, such as Giovanna Cecchetti and Garth Johnson. The museum space is small enough that the girls were able to see some art with us without getting bored or impatient.

We finished our visit to the town with lunch at the River View restaurant right next to the river where we watched ducks in the water and a couple of men fly fish. With a gorgeous day like yesterday, we could not help but just revel in the moment and put the worries of homework, work and the week ahead in the back burner.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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