Run, Girl, Run

This time of the year feels like most parents are on a high-speed train. We are all rushing from one thing to the next to meet school year-end obligations like recitals and championship games. Personally, I feel like I’m just holding my breath as I try to juggle as many things as possible, doing the best that I can and making sure I don’t mess up anything.

Then, something like the Manchester bombing happens and suddenly we’re awaken to what is crucial. It’s not the running around and achievement-making that are important, right? At the end of the day, what matters is how much we love our kids and how we live our lives. Do we live everyday to fight for those things we cherish and value the most? Do we take the time to look at our loved ones in the eyes and tell them how much we value them?

I’m about to take my younger daughter to her first concert in two weeks and the Manchester incident made me reflect on things a bit more. Seeing the number of children killed (mostly girls, I believe) makes me angry, scared and sad. I keep thinking of how I’d feel if I were one of those parents whose child was hurt at the concert. Would I feel eternal remorse and guilt? I’m sure I would. Yet at same time, I believe that there’s a Higher Being who guides me through life and that I have got to have faith that things will work out. Furthermore, I simply cannot let radicals dictate how I live and rob me of basic pleasures in life. For if I were to always live in constant fear, I may as well cease to exist.

Photos from last week’s track meet…

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