Rodizio and Betrayal with Daniel Craig (Post-Thanksgiving #2)

Thanks so much for visiting the Design Mom feature of our house. It was nice to meet other bloggers and blog readers albeit virtually. Anyway, here’s a little bit on the second part of last Thanksgiving weekend. Doesn’t it seem like ages ago?

Last Saturday night, we went with our out-of-town friends (John and Ellen) and their kids to Iberia Restaurant in Newark for rodizio, aka Brazilian steakhouse restaurant that specializes in grilled and skewered meats. Going to a Brazilian restaurant as a family on Thanksgiving weekend is a tradition we started about 13 years ago. Not that we need to eat more meat on Thanksgiving weekend but it’s now become a “thing” we do and like to share with visiting friends or family on this particular weekend.

I highly recommend Iberia for an authentic rodizio experience. I find the price pretty reasonable and the ambience very down-to-earth. The restaurant is located in the Ironbound section in Newark on Ferry street where one can get a glimpse of a bustling Portuguese/Brazilian town center.

Iberia Restaurant Cheers White Sangria for the adults and Lemonade for the kids

rodizio at iberia


The other highlight of last weekend was seeing the Broadway play, Betrayal, with my friend, Grace. I have to say that all three actors (Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig and Rafe Spall) performances were great. If you want to see the husband and wife team in a complicated love triangle, go purchase your tickets soon as the show runs only until January 5, 2014. I have to say that my favorite performance out of the trio was Rafe Spall’s with his confused loyalty and rivalry with Daniel Craig’s character. Are there any plays you have seen lately that you really like?

betrayal team Source: New York Magazine

Times Square

Elmo and Friends Tired-looking fluffy friends

Barrymore Theater

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